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This "Linkage" page is only a very small part of a very large website, and to be honest, it's no longer a priority. We maintain it for those who have befriended us over the years. For the most part, the older links are near the top and have been here longer; the sites listed near the bottom have been recently added. Please keep in mind that "older" for REELRADIO may mean the link is 14 years old!

If you find any of these links are no longer working, please let me know[Uncle Ricky]

  • 440 International and 440:Satisfaction - KHJ Boss Jock Johnny Williams has constructed a marvelous site including Where are they now?, some great radio stories, and a lot of other very good stuff! A true web tradition. Johnny does tremendous work indexing people, places and stations for quick reference.
  • We thank George Junak at California Aircheck for his contributions and remind you that California Aircheck has been the serving radio industry from around the world since 1980 with both audio and video airchecks of radio personalities. George now offers airchecks on CD, too!
  • John Rook is a charter contributor to the Repository and absolutely one of the most influential Top 40 programmers ever. There are just two reasons why you should visit and bookmark www.johnrook.com.
  • Our friend Richard Fatherley invites you to visit The World's Happiest Broadcasters, a tribute site for WHB, one of the first Top 40 stations in the nation and part of the legendary Todd Storz group. A beautifully-designed site!
  • Art Vuolo is known as "Radio's Best Friend" for his long-time efforts archiving radio — on video! Visit Art at www.vuolovideo.com.
  • Jeff Roteman now includes KQV, WLS, WTAE and 13Q (WKTQ) at Jeff Roteman's Radioville! Jeff's site continues to grow with more memorabilia from these powerhouse Top 40s - check it out.
  • KRUD Radio is the creation of Jim Tyler, who started in radio the same year as Uncle Ricky and even worked in Sacramento, once. Check his weekly cartoon! KRUD is a very creative site which radio folks, in particular, will really enjoy.
  • Joe Cipriano does v/o for Fox TV and stations all over. He's a major talent with a Love for Top 40 and (at one time, anyway,) a Link to the Repository. First class website, check it out!
  • Premiere Radio Networks syndicated "Live From the 60's" with the Real Don Steele for 6 years. Way back before they were sold to ClearChannel, Eric Canale and Steve Lehman put a link on the Premiere Networks site to here! The link remains here as grateful acknowledgment of their interest in the Repository, back in the day.
  • Boss Radio Forever, (New! Updated, Version 4 and now at www.bossradioforever.com) was created by Woody Goulart who worked for Drake-Chenault, and wrote his masters thesis on the subject of "Boss Radio." His site includes interviews with Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs, and is a must-read for students of the art.
  • I was pleased to learn that The Museum of the City of San Francisco has linked to several KFRC airchecks in the Repository. Thanks to Dave Fowler, the Museum Webmaster!
  • The WEB Magazine featured the Repository as EDITOR'S CHOICE in RADIO/TV Site Reviews for June, 1997. We rated an overall 5, which is the highest rating they offered. Then, they nominated us for a 1998 Webby Award, which they inappropriately awarded to Audionet (which became "broadcast.com", and now just resolves to "yahoo.com"). Then, The WEB Magazine ceased publication. The Webby Awards are still around, there are entry fees involved, and they never apologized for their 1998 indiscretion.
  • Tom Dean has linked us up at AirSho, where you can check in on Real Estate Agents in SE Michigan and listen while you look.
  • Kris Earl Phillips, formerly online as Rantel Research and KEP Software and Internet Services, is now devoting his web efforts to Philadelphia Radio - Rockin' in the Cradle of Liberty.
  • Dale Patterson, a radio historian based in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, says he's put a lifetime of work into Rock Radio Scrapbook. His web site is dedicated to radio history, with emphasis on the rock 'n' roll top 40 era.
  • Howard Hoffman is big-time web biz! He has his own domain name (www.toonvoices.com) and still includes a link (among millions) to the Repository.
  • Bobby Ocean invites you to visit BobbyOcean.net. Coast to coast, America's best broadcasters have turned their stations into Ocean-front property!
  • Radio 411 was developed and is maintained by working broadcast professionals who needed a source for quick access to relevant links on the web. You'll even find the Repository there, under "Miscellaneous".
  • Jim Reed is a former DJ who made the smart move and got into Television. He's the webmaster for the Imus Super Links Page, which features links to the Repository's Imus exhibits.
  • Norman Barrington includes the Repository in his "Quality Links" on Norman Barrington's Radio Pages, direct from Scotland!
  • KLIF History begins with Gordon McLendon's first license in 1947 and ends with his death in 1986. Steve Eberhart has done some serious work at this site, and the Repository is proud to be prominently linked. (Also visit Steve's Collection at REELRADIO!)
  • Los Angeles Radio People is not only an exceptional book, it's a frequently updated web site kept current by author Don Barrett.
  • Beauregard Rodriguez Weaver, aka Beau Weaver has radio stuff at his ultimately freaky Spoken Word Website.
  • Check out the first-class treatment from Mike West at Radiojock.com - Mike has obviously devoted a lot of effort to his site, and we thank him for the link to ours.
  • Joel Denver requires registration for access to The All Access Music Group, but this one of the most frequented radio sites on the web. Fresh news as it happens, and lots of things happening. They even know about THIS site...
  • John Long presents Puttin' On The Hits, a chronicle of Top 40 radio in the 60's and 70's. It's a radio story by a real radio guy - check it out.
  • Steve Geisler has a great site for those who remember Miami's WQAM, at www.560.com.
  • Andrea Walsh has authored a great tribute site for Jim Hawthorne, national VP of programming for Crowell-Collier broadcasting during a portion of the KFWB top 40 era.
  • The Story of Radio Luxembourg by Herbert Pjede is all about Europe's biggest commercial radio station.
  • Dan Packard invites you to visit The Portland Radio Guide for updates on Oregon radio.
  • Dennis Younker has designed a great tribute site to Pirate Radio 100.3 FM (ie: KQLZ Los Angeles, circa 1989).
  • Bill Danning at http://www.oldiesloon.com/ - Oldiesloon - presents Twin Cities Radio and Music Memories, and The Twin Cities Surveys Site.
  • Ron Turner's site, dedicated to Philadelphia's legendary WFIL, can be found at www.famous56.com.
  • The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in Minnesota houses one of the world's finest collections of antique radio, television, and broadcast equipment. The Pavek has gained international recognition for its continuing efforts in preserving and documenting the history of radio.
  • The NORTHWEST BROADCASTERS site features call letters, technical data, networks, formats, slogans and audio availability for AM, FM, TV and Digital Radio and TV Stations of Northwest Washington, USA and Southwest British Columbia, Canada.
  • Jingle Lovers, Collectors and everyone will enjoy a visit to Ben Freedman's Jingle University which explores the incredible world of jingles and commercial music production.
  • Rick Kelly's Northeast Airchecks is a site featuring airchecks from prior to 1980, spanning from the Connecticut River and Hudson River Valley.
  • M.G. Kelly has a great state-of-the-art website dedicated to his career, past and present.
  • Larry Shannon invites you to visit Radio Daily News for updates and links to just about everything that is radio.
  • The Society Radio Jingles and Themes (www.jingleweb.com) is a non-commercial group headquartered in the Netherlands. They feature jingles from around the world!
  • FenRadio69 (www.fenradio69.net) is specific to the Far East Network of 1969. This site by George Day and Bill Baldwin, Jr. is also very stylish!
  • 1240 KROY Online is all about the glory years of 1240 KROY (Sacramento, California). Webmaster Brian Brooks, Martin Ashley and other veterans of 1240 KROY really put their heart into this site.
  • The 1XX Retro Radio Page from Aaron Anderson is a tribute site with airchecks and jingles of Radio 1XX (One Double X) in Whakatane, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand.
  • SonnyRadio is where Sonny Melendrez combines traditional radio, television and internet radio. Sonny says he may be one of the few air personalities in America still picking his own music, producing and hosting a television show and combining it all with the Internet.
  • Jeff Snyder invites you to visit Tupelo Radio! It's a site all about radio in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jeff writes, "Many greats have come through Tupelo."
  • The WOLF 1490 Tribute Site, maintained by Bob Mitchell, includes pictures and airchecks of this Syracuse, N.Y. Top 40 Legend.
  • Jack Gale of REELRADIO's Jack Gale Collection is proud to present Jack Gale Radio. That's spelled, "r a d i o" . (www.jackgaleradio.info)
  • Knowston Broadcast features broadcast info, history and links plus the music programs of the ORIGINAL OLDIES SHOW with Jackson Douglas.
  • Matt Seinberg has been collecting airchecks since 1975, is a REELRADIO contributor, and collectors are invited to visit Big Apple Airchecks on the web.
  • The Principia College WTPC-FM Tribute Site presents audio samples (air checks) of Principia College Radio in Elsah, Illinois from the 1970's — Principally 1972 through 1977. There are images as well. This site is courtesy of Jim Thurman and Rob Hummel, and other graduates of the WTPC-FM staff.
  • The WKBW Tribute Site (www.wkbwradio.com) features many photos, air checks and memorabilia from one of the most listened to radio stations on the east coast. "KB" in Buffalo, NY consistently served 17 states and eastern Canada. The webmaster is David Fill.
  • www.cflradio.net is Bob Padilla's website on the history of Central Florida Radio. A very clean, informative and well-organized site!
  • The History of WSB Radio is a celebration of one of America's greatest radio stations - WSB/750 AM (Atlanta, GA.) and WSB people from the early days to the modern era. Enjoy your travels through this virtual museum of WSB Radio.
  • Visit a time when rock and roll meant the Beatles, garage bands and Motown, and 5000 watt WKNR-AM in Dearborn, Michigan transformed Detroit radio. Explore Keener13.com and celebrate the legend!
  • Lisa Wheeler invites you to visit her web site devoted to radio station LP compilations - Radio Use Only. A clever idea!
  • Directoryradio.com is a radio directory which provides useful information and services of radio related to radio reviews, Sirius satellite, radio digital, radio, postcode checker, magazines, music, stations and more.
  • The Georgia Radio Hall Of Fame is a non-profit organization whose mission is to recognize today's Georgia radio professionals as well as the pioneers who shaped radio in the state.
  • Valley Broadcast Legends is a social club for people with careers in radio and/or television broadcasting in California's San Joaquin, Sacramento, and Central California valleys.
  • Paul Drake and Grundigsw.com says he's linked to REELRADIO for years and has an online museum of radios that played all those great stations.

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