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PLAY Buzz Bennett, WITH Baltimore, 1965 (03:17)

. . . We turn you over to your Buzz Bennett . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Picture of Buzz Bennett when he was famous
Your Buzz Bennett,
Courtesy Ben Fong-Torres
This all-too-short exhibit is from Programmer's Digest, Volume 1, Issue 3, dated August 28, 1972.

Buzz Bennett went on from WITH in Baltimore to become a legendary PD and consultant that touched WTIX, KGB, KCBQ, WKTQ, WHYI, KRIZ, KDWB and KHYI, but very little is known of him since 1986.

I suspect he cashed in his chips and went home, though I don't know where that is. Perhaps he is called to consult tight radio markets now and then, even today, via his unlisted phone number and
Is Buzz Bennett worried about paying his bills today?

I have no earthly idea: 81.63%

No, he is well-off and very private: 12.24%

Yes, he isn't doing very well: 6.12%

Total Votes: 98

Poll Conducted October 16-30, 2005

unknown e-mail address. Or perhaps, no one will pay his price and doesn't care that he started in the trenches of Top 40 and built a better machine.

I have no reason to believe that he has ever even visited REELRADIO or has any interest at all in preserving the history of the format that he improved. But I have every reason to believe that the important guys in nice suits who run radio today could not care less about Buzz Bennett, and his hard-earned knowledge of radio programming. If I am wrong, well, what an idiot I am, huh?

His work and ideas inspired many and it's a shame that he's not part of the Repository project. Maybe this exhibit will at least generate an email to me, and we can talk about sharing whatever history he has saved. (Yeah, sure, like being here ten years doesn't get noticed?)

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