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PLAY Bill Holley The Night Creature KBOX Dallas 1961 (18:31)

. . . featuring the exciting Night Creature Jukebox . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

This classic (scoped) recording of the legendary KBOX in Dallas, Texas opens with KBOX Action Central News reported by Earl Van DeVort. I truly love those incredible, stimulating production elements and the over-the-top drama of it all. This was radio news on the "TV Tabloid" level, and this one has most of my favorite tricks. It's lacking only the "filter" or "accent" effect on the datelines. Later in the aircheck, as a contest element, you'll also recognize the Count Down! track used on the Bud Connell Funcasts from Miami's WFUN.

Bill Holley
Bill Holley,
KBOX, 1966
(Courtesy of The Steve Eberhart Collection)
Bill Holley The Night Creature (and his Jukebox) are showcased here along with PAMS jingles and the original Wonderful logo. The precision of this presentation is proof positive that KBOX, the only serious challenger to KLIF, was indeed, a very "directed" radio station.

There's an opening for The Night Creature and then, an opening for The Bill Holley Show, followed by a bit of God, Country And My Baby (Johnny Burnette) — did you know The Johnny Mann Singers did background on that #18 hit in 1961 — and, I remember the version of Big Bad John when Big John was a big, big man. Here, he's one helluva man.

I can't find any more information about Bill Holley, but I hope our visitors can fill in some history for this guy - this was one big, big, helluva show, and KBOX was a little AM radio station.
I can guess at the exact date, but will default to our friends' COMMENTS, below.

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