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OFF TOPIC! Los Angeles Ratings, 1970s September 25, 2002
from The Real Don Steele, KTNQ Los Angeles, January 10, 1977
OFF TOPIC! WWKB 2003 January 22, 2003
from comments on classic WKBW exhibits
OFF TOPIC! Stupid Station Names and No Call Letters April 30, 2003
from Jackson Armstrong KKHR Los Angeles 1984
OFF TOPIC! Ramblings about some 1967 Music July 14, 2003
from The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles July 3, 1967
OFF TOPIC! KJR-FM, 2003 August 28, 2003
from Charlie Brown, KJR Seattle, 1976
OFF TOPIC! 1690 Chicago Lujack, others, 2003 September 20, 2003
from Lujack exhibits, others
OFF TOPIC! Rush and Drugs October 19, 2003
from Jeff Christie exhibit
OFF TOPIC! WCBS-FM, 2002 and beyond October 21, 2004
from WCBS-FM 1986 Composite
OFF TOPIC! 3 Letter Calls and Call Letter Anomalies November 11, 2004
from The Last 48 Minutes of 1260 KYA San Francisco, 1983
OFF TOPIC! Bring Back Boss Radio February 4, 2005
from The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, February 9, 1968
OFF TOPIC! Gary Owens on KLAC, Clear Channel San Diego February 9, 2005
from Gary Owens, KEWB Oakland, CA. 1960
OFF TOPIC! Did DJ's Have Choice Selecting Music? March 24, 2005
from Jeff Leonard, WMOD Washington, D.C. January 24, 1973
OFF TOPIC! The New 1190 In Dallas March 24, 2005
from KLIF exhibits
OFF TOPIC! Stations That Dumped An Oldies Format September 12, 2005
from various comments
OFF TOPIC! East Coast vs West Coast Top 40 July 16, 2006
from Gary Mitchell, KYNO Fresno, CA.
OFF TOPIC! Boss Radio Around The World June 28, 2007
from Johnny Scott, KYNO Fresno CA., February 11, 1968.
OFF TOPIC! KHJ Before Boss Radio May 19, 2010
from General Comments
OFF TOPIC! Top Three AM Top 40 Stations October 30, 2011
from General Comments
OFF TOPIC! The Top 40 Hit Clock May 26, 2015
from Robert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles, CA. May 28, 1973.

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