We're just trying to be Fair

As of March 29, 2015, we were proud to restate our Purpose as archival and educational. We were always intended to be a museum, not a jukebox. You are welcome to play anything we have in our Repository, if you have the appropriate software and hardware. .

Please try our TEST EXHIBIT to make certain your computer has the required software to play the vast majority of our exhibits. Go here to learn more.

REELRADIO, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and your subscription or renewal may be tax-deductible. We are now into our 20th year online. We were and are the first aircheck site. Most of our supporters have been here for many years.

As of August 16, 2015, we are no longer offering annual subscriptions. Your tax-deductible contribution of $10 will allow new subscriber access for 180 days (6 months), or extend your existing subscription for 6 months. Thank you.

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PLEASE NOTE: Your subscription payment is a contribution to our non-profit organization and helps us pay for licensing, processing, presentation, archival and storage of contributed recordings. It is not a guarantee of service. If you need more information, please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SERVICE.