RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.561:31251Bootleg Top 40 Volume 1, 1971
2.099:30152Jim Stagg, WCFL Chicago IL, September 14-15, 1966 (scoped)
0.833:46153Bootleg Top 40, Volume 2
2.3211:18144The REELRADIO Tenth Birthday Special, February 12, 2006
1.105:23145Rock 'n' Roll Radio Rewind (1970's)
3.8720:20136Larry Lujack, WCFL 9-5-1974 (scoped)
0.924:49137WHK Cleveland Ohio Station Presentation, 1960
3.6419:0613899X WXLO New York Top 99 of 1974, Part One
2.6916:42119Robert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles August 1 1969
0.705:18910The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, July 21, 1969 Pt.2 (scoped)
1.178:51911Johnny Holliday, WINS New York, March 1965
0.514:20812The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, July 21, 1969 Pt.1 (scoped)
2.6322:25813The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles CA June 15 1968
1.3811:46814Dan Ingram, WABC New York, NY July 22, 1967 (scoped)
1.4313:59715KHJ Story with Bill Drake
1.8317:49716WLS Chicago Composite 1978
0.495:33617Buddy Van Cleave, KUDL Kansas City KS January 2, 1970 (scoped)
3.2236:35618Robert W. Morgan KRTH Los Angeles Video 1994
0.334:33519X-ROCK 80 (XEROK) The Live Years, 1977-80
0.081:20420John Driscoll, WCFL Chicago, 1976 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.478:03421Larry Lujack, WCFL Chicago IL April 3 1974 (scoped)
0.447:34422Barney Pip, WCFL May 11, 1968 (scoped)
0.7412:42423Richard W. Irwin, WYCL York, S.C. April 1973 (scoped)
3.4859:21424Elliot Field KFWB Glory Years, KMET 1972
0.508:33425Jimmy Rabbitt, KGBS-FM Los Angeles, August 18, 1975 (scoped)
1.5426:13426Mel Hall, KDEO San Diego 1961
0.549:09427Jhani Kaye, KINT-FM El Paso, TX February 1980 (scoped)
0.223:43428Dr. Grady Brock WCFL Chicago 1974
0.366:12429Johnny Holliday, WHK Cleveland OH, February 1962
0.193:09430Joe Cipriano (Dave Donavon) KKHR Los Angeles, 1984 (composite)
0.6210:33431Barney Pip, WCFL Chicago, July 25, 1970 (scoped)
0.6210:33432Wolfman Jack on XERB, April, 1970
2.5543:27433Classic and Classy Radio Commercials, 1950s-1970s
0.6811:32434The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, January 8, 1970 (scoped)
1.0223:16335The Last Day: KRIZ Phoenix July 1978
0.7316:43336John Records Landecker, WLS Chicago 1981 Part 1
0.7316:38337Dan Ingram, WABC NY July 22, 1967 Pt.2 (scoped)
0.245:33338PAMS New Custom 71 Commercial Jingle Demo
0.6414:36339Real Don Steele, KHJ LA March 28 1968 3-4PM (scoped)
1.1125:09340WLS Chicago 1976 Composite
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.5311:58341Bob Walker, WTIX New Orleans October 12, 1972 (scoped)
0.235:16342Dick Biondi KRLA New Year's Eve 1965
0.429:32343The Real Don Steele, KEWB Oakland-San Francisco, 1964
1.0824:4034499X WXLO New York Top 99 of 1974, Part Two
0.419:23345Super 70s Spots Montage
0.4510:08346Larry Lujack, WCFL Chicago, June 6, 1974 (scoped)
0.4710:44347Big Jay Sorensen, WNBC Time Machine New York 1988
1.0122:56348WKTU Disco 92 New York Composite, February 1979
0.102:10349Gene Weed, WQAM Miami, 1957
0.103:30250Robert Craig Savage, WAXC Rochester NY, 1972 (scoped)
0.3210:57251Bwana Johnny, WWDJ, 1973
0.165:22252Hit Parade 68, KHJ-FM Los Angeles, 1968 (scoped)
0.113:40253PAMS ColorWay Jingles Composite
0.124:06254Johnny Holliday WHK Cleveland September 1963
0.062:03255Mark Elliott, Big 93 of 1972, KHJ Los Angeles
0.7726:21256Davey O'Donnell, KXOK, St. Louis 1962
0.103:32257Sam Riddle, KHJ Los Angeles, 1966-69
0.010:15258The Real Don Steele Remembered, Part 1
0.4715:52259Don Steele, KIMA Yakima, Washington, March 1961
0.7124:17260Sensational Sixties Spots Montage
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.3210:51261Lee Simms, KRLA Los Angeles April 30 1971 (scoped)
0.3411:28262Johnny Holliday, WHK Cleveland, December 23, 1963
0.7826:35263Border Radio, National Public Radio, 1986
0.4314:44264Jerry Kay, WCFL Chicago, May 5, 1972 (scoped)
2.2275:38265Bill Bailey: A Louisville Legend, Part One
0.010:27266WCBS-FM 1989 DJ Reunion, Part 1
0.041:16267Robert W. Morgan Team, KMPC Los Angeles
0.175:40268John Records Landecker, WLS Chicago, 1975
0.237:49269The Real Don Steele, KHJ Contestants, July 1970
0.3411:27270George Michael, WABC New York, December 19, 1974 (scoped)
0.020:42271PAMS Revolution '72 Demo (KJR Seattle)
0.3411:40272The Real Don Steele, KOIL Omaha NE, 1962
0.206:44273Charlie Van Dyke, CKLW Windsor 1969
0.4515:30274Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, 1969
0.041:26275Dick Sainte, Doug Dahlgren, WCFL Chicago, July 17, 1975 (scoped)
0.082:47276Dave Murphy KIIS Los Angeles 1983-scoped
0.6221:12277Jack Armstrong, WKYC Cleveland OH September 1967 (scoped)
0.113:40278JJ McKay, WPGC Morningside-Washington D.C. July 5, 1982 (scoped)
0.072:22279Dan Chandler, WQAM Miami, 1968-70
0.4515:22280Larry Lujack, WCFL Chicago IL December 7, 1973 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.289:28281Jay Stone, Cheech & Chong 99X-WXLO New York, 1974
0.4515:15282Emperor Bob Hudson, KFWB Los Angeles 1967
0.103:27283PAMS WEEI-FM Boston Jingles, 1972
0.258:41284Ron O'Brien, WXLO 99X New York, May 7, 1975 Pt.2 (scoped)
0.196:27285Dan Ingram, WIL St. Louis 1960 Composite
0.5317:58286Robert W. Morgan, KRTH Los Angeles 1993-96
0.8428:37287Robert W. Morgan, First Day on KRTH, 1992
0.206:51288George Michael, WFIL Philadelphia 1968
0.3712:32289Ted Quillin 1964, KRLA Pasadena April 1, 1992 (scoped)
0.196:34290Bill Young, KILT Houston TX 21st Birthday 1978
0.7826:37291Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram, WABC NY October 14, 1970 (scoped)
0.134:32292Rebel Foster, KFWB Los Angeles, January 21 1966
0.155:03293Big Ron O'Brien, KIIS-FM Los Angeles, 1983 (scoped)
0.4214:19294WJAR PAMS Jingles Part Two 1973
0.082:45295Gary Gears on WLS, January, 1970
0.5017:05296Murray The K, WNBC NY July 1, 1972 Pt.2 (scoped)
0.165:32297Don MacKinnon, KFWB Los Angeles, CA. 1965
0.6421:41298Ted Quillin KRLA Los Angeles 1963
0.134:26299Mad Daddy, WINS New York, 1964
0.248:182100Hank Hayes, WHOT-FM Brooklyn, NY June 1989
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.020:482101KHJ: A Mann and His Logos
0.299:472102Bob Eubanks 1965, KRLA Pasadena April 1, 1992 Pt.2 (scoped)
0.041:322103Jackson King, KFWB Newscast, March 12, 1962
0.072:152104Tom Clay KBLA Burbank 1965
0.4013:422105Kris Stevens, WCFL Chicago, August 23, 1972 (scoped)
0.041:202106Dan Ingram & PAMS on WABC, 1972
0.279:172107Bob Shannon, KDKA Pittsburgh, 1973
0.6622:252108KLIF Dallas TX, November 22, 1963
0.117:241109Scotty Brink, WCFL, 1970
0.2214:541110KROQ-AM Los Angeles, Opening Day 1972
0.128:161111REELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part Three
0.117:471112Andy Barber, KUDL Kansas City KS June 14 1972 (scoped)
0.2214:531113Mort Downey, KDEO San Diego, February 27, 1964
0.2114:391114Jack Armstrong, WMJI Cleveland WIXY Reunion 1997
0.042:521115Steve Lundy, WNBC New York, 1974
0.3120:541116Larry O'Brien, WCFL Chicago, April 8, 1970 (scoped)
0.010:221117The Big 610, KFRC, Feb 17, 1986 Pt.35 (81-63) (scoped)
0.021:191118Jeff Hooker, WBBM-FM Chicago, September 1983 (scoped)
0.149:421119TM Productions AIRWORKS Jingle Demo
0.2819:051120The Robert W. Morgan Bossography (Audio)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.5235:441121Bob Oakes Beginnings - WKBW, Mars, Dick Clark, WWTC, KFWB - 1958-1967
0.031:501122KRTH Robert W. Morgan Obituary, 5-23-98
0.3926:231123Dick Biondi, WCFL Chicago, June 25, 1971 (scoped)
0.010:251124Larry O'Brien, WNOR Norfolk, VA. August 11, 1970 (scoped)
0.2617:431125Tony Pigg, WPLJ New York NY September 23, 1977 (scoped)
0.011:001126Loo Katz, Don Geronimo, WPGC Washington D.C. July 25, 1981 (scoped)
0.010:271127PD Profile: KULF Houston, 1972
0.021:031128PAMS Clyde Jingles Demo WKNR Detroit 1971
0.010:341129Joe Yocam, KFWB Los Angeles, 1962
0.010:261130PAMS Series 29 Jingles for WSAI Cincinnati OH 1965
0.3121:201131Frank Terry on KHJ, 1966
0.063:521132Don Steele, KHJ, L.A. 1972
0.1711:171133Beau Weaver, KFRC San Francisco, November 14, 1973 (scoped)
0.021:081134The Real Don Steele, KOIL, 1962
0.138:571135Boss Radio KHJ, L.A. Sneak Preview, 1965
0.032:221136Steve Weed, Terry Nelson, 99X New York, 1976
0.031:511137Gary Spears, WBBM-FM Chicago 1982
0.053:151138Tuesday Productions WHISPERS Demo, 1977
0.053:271139Robert W. Morgan KHJ Los Angeles CA August 1966
0.095:521140Lee Simms, KRIZ Phoenix AZ 1964
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.085:121141Richard Irwin for Doug Limerick, WIXE 1969
0.117:331142Dale Dorman, WRKO Boston, January 23 1970 (scoped)
0.000:161143Jay Lawrence, KYW, June 1965 (scoped)
0.021:041144The Unknown Disc Jockey, WNBC New York, 1978
0.5940:321145Larry Lujack, WLS Chicago, October 12, 1977 (scoped)
0.021:391146The Last of WBIG Greensboro, N.C. November 20, 1986
0.010:491147Robert W. Morgan and the KHJ Hotline, 1973
0.010:351148Joey Reynolds on WGRQ-FM, Buffalo NY, 12/73
0.1610:481149The Hamster, KHJ Los Angeles, 1970
0.021:181150Robert W. Morgan For Today's Army
0.5738:341151WWDJ Composite, 1973
0.000:101152Atlanta Overnight, WPLO,WQXI,WAKE, 1962
0.021:291153G. Michael McKay, KOIL Omaha NE, 1972
0.010:241154Pete McNeal, KYA San Francisco, 1970
0.021:351155Dewey Phillips, WHBQ Memphis 1957
0.117:311156Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, 1972
0.149:151157Robert W. Morgan KMGG Los Angeles 1985
0.085:081158Robert W. Morgan and The Monkees, 1967
0.5235:371159Murray The K, WNBC New York, July 1, 1972 Pt.1 (scoped)
0.085:391160The Robert W. Morgan Bossography Video (300k)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.010:461161The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, March 28, 1968 4-5PM (scoped)
0.032:101162John Larsh (Jack Armstrong) WAYS Charlotte NC 1965
0.000:071163The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, August 6, 1971 (scoped)
0.085:411164KHJ 1972 Composite
0.085:261165Larry Lujack, WCFL Klunker, June 1973
0.3221:511166KHJ Sales Presentation, 1965
0.010:311167Steve Lundy, KROQ-AM Los Angeles, 1973
0.042:441168The Real Don Steele KHJ Contest Loser
0.2013:571169Don Bombard (Bob Shannon) WKTQ Pittsburgh August 3 1980 (scoped)
0.042:481170Bill Drake, Johnny Mann Singers for KFRC, KYNO
0.2114:101171Jim Stagg, KYW Cleveland, OH December 13, 1962 (scoped)
0.1812:111172T. Michael Jordan, KKDJ Los Angeles, August 2, 1974 (scoped)
0.064:241173WFUN, Miami, Fundamental News, 1961
0.149:511174PAMS Pied Piper Demo - KYA San Francisco
0.021:051175Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, Spring 1967
0.031:431176Charlie Van Dyke, WLS Chicago 1973
0.085:461177Les Garland, KYNO Fresno CA. October 1972 (scoped)
0.4228:371178Fabulous 50s Spots!
0.2517:051179Roby Yonge, WABC New York, NY September 4, 1968 (scoped)
0.053:151180John Records Landecker, WLS Chicago 1981 Part 2
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.032:081181Solid Gold Rock and Roll Demo, KHJ-FM, 1971
0.010:521182Robert W. and Susanna Morgan sing, 1976?
0.4832:481183Larry Lujack, WLS Chicago September 16, 1976 (scoped)
0.5235:111184Tom Dooley with John Quincy, 2005
0.085:351185Larry Morrow, WIXY Cleveland, OH, March 5, 1967
0.032:081186Lee Simms, KROQ Los Angeles, November 16 1973 (scoped)
0.021:331187Robert W. Morgan K100 Morganized Montage
0.000:191188Dex Card, WCFL Chicago September 1971
0.2214:421189Paul Miller, KOMA Oklahoma City OK 1965
0.128:141190Aircheck Round Up - Early '70's
0.021:161191Charlie Van Dyke, KRTH Los Angeles, 1998
0.117:451192Don MacKinnon, KEWB Oakland, CA. 1961
0.010:471193Robert W. Morgan on Solid Gold
0.1912:521194Tony Bond, WKFR Battle Creek MI., February 1965 (scoped)
0.117:391195The Last Q Format
0.3221:351196Dan Ingram, WABC New York March 25 1966 (scoped)
0.021:401197Larry Lujack, WCFL Chicago, October 1975
0.010:411198The Real Don Steele, KHJ, May 1966
0.085:111199Jim Edwards, CKLW Detroit February 20, 1968 (scoped)
0.021:401200Greaseman, WAXC Rochester NY, 1972 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.000:181201Jimmy Rabbitt, KRLA Los Angeles, 1970
0.010:321202REELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part Two
0.053:191203Dan Ingram, KRTH Los Angeles, June, 1998
0.042:251204Tom Wynn, WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul, 1961
0.3020:491205Ron Chapman, KVIL-FM Dallas-Ft. Worth 1990
0.032:161206Doctor Brock, WCFL Chicago February 21, 1974 (scoped)
0.1812:371207Wolfman Jack, WNBC New York NY June 25, 1974 (scoped)
0.149:231208Gene Stuart, Bill Bailey, WWDJ 1971
0.2920:071209Bob Shannon (Don Bombard) WCBS-FM NY 2002
0.053:451210Hudson, Landry & Robert W. Morgan, KGBS, Los Angeles, 1973
0.010:521211B. Mitchel Reed, KFWB Los Angeles, December 1965
0.032:051212CKLW Detroit Extreme 20-20 News
0.042:551213Robert W. Morgan, WIND Chicago, 1970
0.010:291214The Real Don Steele Remembered, Part 2
0.2819:031215Harry Nelson, WRKO Boston, MA May 31, 1976 (scoped)
0.127:541216Johnny Canton WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul April 1968 (scoped)
0.063:461217Richard Irwin, WIXE Monroe NC March 29, 1969 (scoped)
0.085:301218KFRC, San Francisco, 1966-1969
0.085:351219Bill Wade, KHJ Los Angeles, January 15, 1972 (scoped)
0.138:571220Gene Weed, KFWB Los Angeles, March 27, 1959 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.6745:461221WCBS-FM New York, Radio Greats Reunion 1991 Part 1 (scoped)
0.074:541222PAMS 22,23,26,28 Jingles for WKBW, Buffalo
0.063:551223Christopher Haze, XEROK 80, December 1973
0.074:401224Bill Lee, WLOL Minneapolis-St.Paul, May 1984
0.139:051225Keith Richards, Dave Williams, KNDE Sacramento, 1975
0.010:221226Bob Dayton, KRLA Los Angeles, 1968
0.074:461227Charlie Fox, KXKX Denver, 1977
0.2114:351228Jimmy Rabbitt, KHJ Los Angeles, May 24, 1972 (scoped)
0.149:171229KQV Pittsburgh Jingle and Production Composite
0.2818:481230Buzz Bennett, WTIX New Orleans, May 21, 1967 (scoped)
0.2919:511231The Bill Mouzis KHJ Promo Montage, 1965-1969
0.074:321232Dale Dorman, WXKS-FM (KISS 108) Boston 1982
0.010:381233Johnny Holliday, WINS New York, April 18, 1965
0.106:591234Dick Biondi on WLS, Chicago, 1963
0.1510:161235Doctor Brock WCFL Chicago September 1974 Part 1 (scoped)
0.042:291236Robert W. Morgan at the KHJ 25th Anniversary
0.010:251237Robert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles, May 27, 1968 (scoped)
0.064:081238Paul Williams, KNUZ Houston, December 12, 1961 (scoped)
0.085:081239Bwana Johnny, Bob Lockwood, WWDJ, 1971
0.010:451240Dewey Phillips, WHBQ Memphis 1953
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.3725:311241Robin Steele, WISM Madison, WI. November 22, 1972 (scoped)
0.032:021242Captain Whammo, (Jim Channell), WMET Chicago, 1977
0.042:531243The Real Don Steele: Four Fractious Fridays
0.1812:181244Bobby Ocean goes on Vacation, KFRC, 1973
0.085:451245KRTH Robert W. Morgan Retro-Tribute, 5-26-98
0.053:201246Montage: WMCA New York, NY, 1963-1970
0.5034:151247WBZ Boston Second Annual Grease Weekend, 1973
0.075:011248PAMS Series 27,29 Jingles WOOW Greenville N.C.
0.074:391249Shotgun Tom Kelly on KRTH, 11-97
0.2718:311250Jay Cook, WHBQ Memphis, 2-10-66
0.074:291251Lee Baby, KOOL-FM Phoenix AZ January 11, 1996 (VIDEO)
0.2416:431252Bob James, WNBC Time Machine New York, 1988
0.021:181253Wolfman Jack Howlin' On the Air, Sample 1
0.043:031254Don Rose, KFRC San Francisco August 9 1974 (scoped)
0.032:211255TM Productions AirPower 83 Demo
0.138:331256Chuck Cooper, WWDJ 1971
0.1510:211257Christopher Jordan, WSVP West Warwick, RI. 1972 (scoped)
0.2214:531258Bobby Ocean's first KFRC Finale, 1975
0.3020:281259Tom Murphy, Bob Dearborn, WCFL Chicago November 21, 1973 (scoped)
0.031:491260Robert W. Morgan, Big 93 of 1972, KHJ Los Angeles
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.096:231261Jack Armstrong, Dee Brockwell, WMQX-FM Greensboro, NC 2003 (VIDEO)
0.021:241262Thunder Productions Jingle Demo WDRC Hartford CT.
0.1812:181263Larry Lujack, WLS Chicago, IL. April 26, 1971 (scoped)
0.000:201264The Boss Jingle Montage, 1970
0.000:061265PAMS Regalogos Demo, 1973
0.117:351266Russ Wheeler, WEAM Washington, D.C. October 1966
0.2516:541267Bob Shannon, KRTH-FM Los Angeles, 2001 (composite)
0.053:291268Radio's Revolution and Todd Storz, excerpt 1
0.043:001269Machine Gun Kelly on 10Q, KTNQ Los Angeles, 1978
0.128:091270KHJ, Los Angeles, 1979-80
0.021:391271John Larsh (Jack Armstrong) WCOG Greensboro NC 1966
0.031:541272Ed Ripley, WTIX New Orleans June 5, 1962
0.021:411273PAMS 37 Jingles WFIL Philadelphia Remix
0.000:111274Paul Drew, WAKE Atlanta, 1961
0.1711:271275WWDJ Hackensack N.J. Composite, 1972
0.128:281276Hardy-Kirk Jingle Demo KJIM 1974
0.2416:221277Jim O'Brien, WOR-FM New York, May 2, 1968 (scoped)
0.021:281278WABC March 1981 Composite
0.128:241279Dave Hull, KRLA Los Angeles, January 1, 1966
0.2718:301280Jim Wood, KROQ Los Angeles, October 31, 1972 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.3322:141281Dick Whittington, KGIL Los Angeles, November 23, 1973
0.010:481282WOW Here Comes Arlene Peck with Casey Kasem, 1995
0.1812:361283Bill Lee, WQHT New York Video, 1987
0.128:131284Dick Sainte, WCFL, Chicago, 1973
0.010:311285Kris Erik Stevens, WLS, Chicago, 1972
0.021:241286The Real Don Steele TV Show AUDIO SCOPED, 1974
0.000:161287Bob Crane KNX Los Angeles March 1962
0.085:221288Ron O'Brien, KUDL-FM Kansas City, October 1970 (scoped)
0.010:371289Robert W. Morgan & The History of Rock & Roll
0.010:531290The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, May 25, 1968 (scoped)
0.031:451291Bob James on WGAR, Cleveland, 1977
0.107:081292Charlie Fox, KHJ Los Angeles, May 15, 1980 (scoped)
0.2214:421293Big Ron O'Brien WXLO 99X New York, May 1, 1975 Pt. 2 (scoped)
0.010:221294Dick Moore, KBOX Dallas Action Central News, November 1961
0.000:151295K.O. Bayley, WJBK Detroit, 1969
0.000:041296The Real Don Steele, Live From The Sixties, 1965 (scoped)
0.074:381297Jimmy Rabbitt, KLIF Dallas, 1966
0.1611:081298How WOR-FM became 99X, 1967-1974
0.1510:061299Dana Lauren, KMGG-FM, Los Angeles, 1982 (scoped)
0.010:261300Johnny Holliday, KYA San Francisco, May 5 1969
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.1711:561301The Real Don Steele, KHJ Los Angeles, December 26, 1968 Pt.1(scoped)
0.128:111302Dave Hull, KRLA, 8/66
0.074:381303KHJ Los Angeles Songs and Production, Mid-60's
0.1913:161304London and Engelman, KMEL San Francisco 1986
0.063:481305Ross Brittain, WHTZ Z-100 New York Morning Zoo July 6, 1984 (scoped)
0.1812:301306PAMS Series 49 A, B Modulators (WLS, WGAR) Demo
0.032:231307Ron O'Brien as The Unknown DJ, WOGL Philadelphia Oct 3, 2001(scoped)
0.021:361308Humble Harve, KKDJ Los Angeles, October 13, 1974 (scoped)
0.2215:201309Marc Denis, CKGM Montreal, 1980
0.2517:101310Dean Anthony, WMCA New York, July 15, 1976 Pt.2 (scoped)
0.010:381311Jay Thomas, Lee Douglas, 99X New York Fall 1976
0.1812:281312Charlie Van Dyke, KHJ Los Angeles, January 24, 1972 (scoped)
0.042:511313Larry Lujack, KNEW Spokane, 1963
0.117:211314REELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part One
0.000:191315Geoff Fox's Favorite WBT/PAMS Jingle
0.042:301316Jim Channell, WDHF-FM, Chicago, 1975
0.096:081317China Smith, KCBQ San Diego, October 1970 (scoped)
0.010:461318KRLA Los Angeles Reunion, 1981
0.000:181319Don Imus, WNBC New York September 3 1979
0.000:111320Rick Dees, WKIX Raleigh NC 1971
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.107:061321Ron O'Brien, KBAB Indianola IA., May 17, 1970
0.138:351322Carl Greyson, Bob Collins, WGN Chicago Summer 1982
0.106:391323Sonny Fox, WHYI/Y100 Miami, 1986
0.064:191324AT40 with Casey Kasem, KIIS Los Angeles, December 5, 1976 (scoped)
0.031:561325PAMS Radio Bahamas ZNS1 Jingles
0.2215:061326Big Ron O'Brien, WXLO-99X New York, May 7, 1975 Pt.1 (scoped)
0.010:491327Dave Diamond, KHJ Los Angeles, April 28, 1965
0.5940:161328WWDJ, Steve Clark and Last Days, 1974
0.1711:181329TM Productions The Winning Score Demo, 1977
0.064:031330Happy Hare (Harry Martin) KCBQ San Diego 1969
0.1711:491331Beaver Cleaver on 10Q, KTNQ Los Angeles 1977
0.1812:251332TM Productions ROCK Demo, 1980
0.010:321333Keith Smith, KMEL San Francisco Demo, 1986-1989
0.021:121334KXOK Essential News, 1962
0.032:111335The Greaseman, WAPE, 1979-80
0.074:491336Bob Dayton, WABC, New York 1965
0.042:481337PAMS 14K KQV Pittsburgh PA Custom Jingles 1974
0.042:241338Hudson and Landry, KGBS Los Angeles CA. 1973
0.021:081339PAMS Solid Rock WLS Jingles
0.042:571340Don Bombard, Composite WOLF Syracuse NY 1969 (scoped)
RANKED by Cume09/07/2014 — 09/13/2014 677 of 758 (89%) RESPONDED
0.085:411341Nine ( 9 )
0.1812:021342WJAR PAMS Jingles Part One 1973
0.042:521343Chickenmania (Chicken Man) Episode 1-7
0.2013:261344Robert L. (Bob) Collins, KCBQ San Diego December 17 1969
0.2013:541345Greg Barman Travelog, Albuquerque to Memphis, 1977
0.064:041346Bill Price, WLS Chicago, June 17, 1977 (scoped)
0.000:071347Mike Larsen on KROY, Sacramento, 1962
0.010:281348John Records Landecker, WLS Chicago, 1979
0.2215:111349Charlie Tuna, KHJ, 1970
0.010:281350KRTH Robert W. Morgan Retrospective, 1998
0.010:431351TM Sound 70 Demo, WCFL Chicago, 1970
0.021:091352Dusty Morgan, K108 (KXOA-FM) Sacramento, 1974
0.2013:251353Neil Ross, KMPC Los Angeles, 1983
0.021:071354Ron O'Brien, WFIL Philadelphia PA. December 7, 1977
0.1711:381355Dennis Quinn, WPIX-FM New York, October 1, 1974 (scoped)
0.2013:501356Bobby Dale, KEWB Oakland CA. 1963

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